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Delivery When You Need It

No Extra Charges or Fees for Delivery

Many companies will take on all manner of additional delivery fees, taxes, and surcharges – not Blue Flame Gas Company. We make it simple. We offer two convenient delivery methods, either of which you're free to choose.

Route Delivery System

Our Route System was designed for customers who prefer to have their tanks filled regularly. It also avoids the chore of checking the percentage and risk the possibility of any interruption of service. To qualify for this option you must have an approved credit application on file and your account balances must be maintained on a 30-day basis.

Schedule Your Delivery Today


When Blue Flame Gas Company delivers your gas, that's all you'll pay for. You'll never have to worry about fees and additional charges, so call today.

Our technicians will safely fill your tanks every time.

Our Call-In System is simple. You can call or email us your order requests. Generally these are next day deliveries, and we ask that you place your order when you have approximately 20% remaining.


Call-In System

We're Here to Help You

When your tank is completely out of gas, our drivers must implement a number of special safety procedures to ensure the tank is filled in safe manner.

  • Someone must be at the property at the time of delivery

  • Our service technician must perform a leak check of the system (a charge of $50.00 may apply)

  • Our service technicians will light all pilots and restore service

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